Exploratory Data Analysis: Covariation of Two Continuous Variables

Freedom and Happiness This week I came across the World Happiness Report, an annual survey which represents 156 of the world’s countries and how happy the citizens of these countries perceive themselves to be. The report calculates positive and negative emotion based on six key explanatory factors: social support, freedom, corruption, generosity, GDP and life expectancy. I want to explore the correlation between freedom, the freedom to make life choices, and positive affect, the measure of positive emotion. More specifically, I want to see which countries have the happiest citizens and which countries do not based on the freedom that … Continue reading Exploratory Data Analysis: Covariation of Two Continuous Variables

Exploratory Data Analysis

As someone new to data science, I have recently been listening to data science podcasts with the hopes of familiarizing myself with data science jargon and just learning a thing or two. In one episode of Not So Standard Deviations, hosts Roger Peng and Hilary Parker discuss data science processes and how most of the time, there is no formal process to data analysis, and most data scientists just know what to do. This got me thinking about how to approach a data set for a project. Unless you’re handed a hypothesis to test, intuition and creativity really comes into … Continue reading Exploratory Data Analysis