The University of Chicago: Master of Science in Analytics (MScA)

Given that this is a blog about my journey to becoming a data scientist, I found it apt to share on here my next step on this journey, which is that this fall I will be starting my Master of Science in Analytics at the University of Chicago!

This journey for me started roughly three years ago while I was an Online Marketing Specialist. It was then, and during my digital marketing career in general, that I noticed the abundance of available data, and the lack of advanced analytical experts to analyze and extract value from it. I felt that the digital marketing field needed interdisciplinary experts who could really understand how to work with the data, understand the marketing/business problems at hand, and be able to communicate solutions beyond what is the norm.

It was this realization that kick-started my interest in data science and analytics. I started taking online data science courses, attending data science Meetups and even started this blog as an outlet to share what that I have learned.

While I have learned so much over the past couple of years, I still have so much more to master in order to reach my goal of being a data scientist; this is where the MScA program comes in.

Applying to master’s programs was a daunting experience given that I don’t have a mathematics, computer science or engineering background, and this is why UChicago’s MScA was my first choice. Because the program caters so well to people like me, people with a non-technical background but relevant professional experience and a motivation to learn.

The program is comprehensive with foundational, core and electives course that touch on many aspects important to a data science career:

  • Data collection, preparation and automation
  • Utilization of data engineering softwares and analytics applications
  • Statistical modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Applied research and analytics strategy to solve strategic business issues
  • And so much more…

Beyond the coursework, the program provides workshops to support learning in core and elective classes, workshops for professional development, networking, career fairs and more. Another aspect that I am looking forward to is that a lot of the courses are taught by industry professionals who can bring real-world experience into the classroom.

I am so excited to be attending this program, to learn everything there is to offer and for all the opportunities that will come. While digital marketing may be my passion and I would love to stay in the field, I am also keeping my mind open to new industries and applications of data science and analytics.

Chicago, here I come!

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