Tableau Dashboard: Coronavirus Map

I recently took DataCamp’s Introduction to Tableau course, and I have never experienced an easier way to visualize data.

Tableau is a business intelligence and analytics software used by companies world-wide to clean data, explore and analyze data in worksheets and present data in interactive dashboards and story boards. Its friendly user interface allows you to just drag and drop your data into the workspace to create charts and data visualizations.

While Tableau is a software that you have to pay for, Tableau Public is free and is perfect for beginners. The downside of Tableau Public is that you are limited in the types of data sources you can connect to, and have to save your work publicly online. So, if you are a planning on working with confidential information or need to connect to different data sources besides uploading a file, you would have to pay for one of the other Tableau products.

I wanted to practice my new Tableau skills by creating a dashboard of my own. I also happened to come across some data on coronavirus cases by country courtesy of Rami Krispin, a Data Scientist at Apple. You can get the data on his Github.

With this new tool and data in hand I was able to make the below dashboard in a matter of minutes.

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